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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Amy says it's time for a new post.

I've had a real itch lately to expand my crafting foundations to include sewing. I crochet off and on, and I sort of knit. I have also experimented with beading/jewelry (years ago) and making stuff from felt. Sewing is the one needlecraft I've always sort of stayed away from. I guess it's partly because, um, I don't have a sewing machine. But my mom has a great one and I actually know how to use it. I did some patchwork crafts as a young teenager, but the only thing I've made from a real pattern was a giant pair of red and white polka dot boxer shorts in 8th grade Home Ec. It's time to get to work.

I bought these:

The projects in these two books are pretty basic and kind of similar, but I think they'll give me some good practice in the foundations. If you get a lopsided kitchen apron or a too-small tote bag from me for X-mas, just try to keep in mind that I worked hard on it and it's been a learning experience. You can always throw it away when I'm not looking...

PS-- In my 'dream house' I would have a dedicated room for all my crafty messes. Kind of like my very talented artist husband has his studio (albeit, a small one). Virginia Woolf was right. For now, I just have baskets, bags, totes, and boxes strewn about our living room and guest room/office/someday baby's room. They overflow with yarn and books about knitting and crochet, with hooks and needles poking out here and there. Oh, my dream house would also have a professional organizer to come in and make it all pretty and accessible. Yes.

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